100% positive feedback – an inspiring atmosphere

100% positive feedback – an inspiring atmosphere

We’re loving 2018! We’re helping more children than ever, take their first step to learning to skateboard safely. What’s just as great is how well all the sessions are being received nationwide by schools, councils and organisations. Just have a read of this email we got a few weeks from Stephanie at Banstead School (Surrey) where we did 2 full days of skateboard coaching:

“The feedback from the sessions was 100% positive. The teachers were very impressed with Liam’s relationship with the children. He created an inspiring atmosphere for the children and they were able to achieve very highly as a result. He was very clear in his instructions, calm in his manner and praised their effort and practice. The children loved the challenge of the skateboards and surprised themselves with what they could achieve. We would like to book again for next year and if Liam is available we would like him to come back. I know teachers took photos so I will send some on. Best wishes.”

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