Donnington Skatepark Jams

At the end of May, we organised a huge event for Donnington Skatepark (Telford Council) that included skate, bmx and scooter jams, as well as a music sound system, judges, a tent, an MC, tonnes of prizes for loads of winners in all the events, and even some fun little drop in teaching sessions. It was an amazing day with a great standard of riding in all the sports, a great atmosphere with all the supporters and just a wicked day for loads of local riders and the community. On hand we had Tom Holt and Jack Darby covering off the scooter side of things, Chase O’Brien holding down the BMX side of things and Jamie Hewett the skate, with James Threlfall rockin’ the mic. Loads of big tricks being thrown down out of the bowl with both backflips and frontflips almost standard! Check out the photo gallery below.

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