Kelsey Park Sports College

Kelsey Park Sports College

kpsc badgeRubicon has been supporting a new Reward Token initiative at Kelsey Park. By donating skateboard products, the school is able to offer recognition and achievement prizes to pupils.

Read the full release below:

Kelsey Park Sports College values the contribution that every student makes to our community. We view it as a priority to celebrate the achievements of all pupils, not just in the academic or sporting arenas but across all elements of their education. We recognise the importance of good attendance and punctuality, the need to respect the learning environment and necessity of being well mannered and smart at all times. To help promote all these principles we have a reward system in place which allows teachers, tutors and support staff to distribute Guild Points to those students who are deserving of recognition. We also have in place Headmaster’s Commendations, of which there are four students per week (one from each Guild) and also the highly regarded Jack Petchey winner, selected by the Student Council on a monthly basis.

A more recent innovation is the Reward Token and Reward Cupboard. This has emerged following a grant that Kelsey has received along with the support of a number of businesses who have provided various prizes. Each week ten tokens are distributed to tutors who then decide which student in their tutor group has displayed commitment, perseverance and a positive attitude to their school life. Each winner is called down to the reward cupboard on a Friday morning where they are allowed to select a prize.

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