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    Hi, I am trying to get daughter some skateboarding lessons, she is a complete novice, 10 years old. We live in Hove (East Sussex), she has been shy to try ‘mixed’ sessions at school – as there are so many really good skaters. It would be great if she could have a few 1:1 lessons – to give her a bit of confidence. I can’t skateboard nor do I know any skaters who can even show her the basics.
    Can you recommend any local teachers?

    Hi I’m from Latvia and here ir no skatboard school but I whant to learn skateborading so much that I culd to almoust anything. So I wonder is there some possibility that you culd teach me some tricks or it culd be possible only if I move to some place where do you already learn?

    hi this is luis i live in hampshire and i would reeealy like a sk8boarding instructor that is local. plzzzzzz tell me were to get one thanx.

    im a pro now im 13 and i have been learning since 4 years old i have a couple of tips guys……
    1.Never think about what your doing as long as you know what your doing just go for it if you are nailing to pick a pop shove it just do it dont think ok just do it…..
    2.Ok allways make sure you are wearing the correct equipment i would recormend elbo pads knee pads and a helmet if you wanted you could get gloves but that is up to you of course.
    3.My third would be you have to know the parts of a skateboard to be able to know how to nail your trick ok? like trucks, nose, tail, bearings excetra.
    4.U need to choose your style of skating….Street is neat Vert is alert ok? also you need to know what you most feel passionatly about.
    5.Skateboarding is’nt allways about being cool and showing off ok. It is also about how you feel about it and how much effort you put into it so guys go for the best.


    hello im greg and am ten years old and i live in glasgow and i am looking for skateboarding lessons

    The Rubicon Skateboard School is incredible i remember going there a few years back just for a try out, the instructors are great especially with the on site medics (which were active a lot) after my couple of trial days i managed to pull off a kickflip, nollie, heelflip (just) and a pop shuv it, i would definitely recommend this to anyone

    Question to Jane, Hove (above)… or anyone else:

    I could have written exactly the same email 🙂

    Did your daughter ever find someone to give her lessons? I’d like to find them too.

    We’re in Brighton and my 10-y-o is really keen to learn (I can’t teach her either). Broke her foot trying last year, so really wants someone who can start her off.

    You’d think there be loads of people in Brighton offering lessons…

    Question to jane or shaun

    did you ever find anyone in the area to give lessons? i have a desperate to learn little boy who i would like to get some lessons for around the west sussex area.

    Any help gratefully receieved!

    hi im haleem Mustapha i live in stafford ive been dying for getting into a skae boarding school so can you give me an aerea the is the closest to Stafford

    Hi, I’m from Stafford in the UK too, I can’t find a Skateboarding lesson to learn. Can anyone reccomend a tutor for me???

    hi my name is tyrrell.

    im from thamesmead(south east london) and would want soe 1 to 1 lessons. is it possible for you to come down and help me

    Skateboarders from Brighton/hove looking for lessons could try the weekly lessons from April- September each year at Crawley skatepark. Run by top uk female skater Lucy Adams. Check out Crawley freestyle association website for more info. Decent price £20 for 5 one hour lessons. Class split into beginners and intermediate. Very good teaching.

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