Meet Our New Skate School Partner: Enuff Skateboards

Meet Our New Skate School Partner: Enuff Skateboards

We’re super excited to announce that Enuff Skateboards are now supporting all our skate school activities!

They’re a perfect fit with what we do, as like us, this all-British brand is celebrating their 10th year supporting the UK scene and helping to bring young, unknown skaters to the forefront. Their focus has always been to create a top level UK brand that was fun and affordable without compromising quality.

You’ll be seeing their great skateboards at all our school and council teaching events around the country very soon – and they’re also going to be helping us with all the skatepark openings and jams we do, so expect to see some tasty Enuff prizes up for grabs!

These guys are always on the search for new young skateboarding talent – and we’re going to be their eyes and ears on the ground – so if you think you’ve got what it takes, be sure to come and say hello to any of our riders around the country.

Exciting times! Watch this blog or our social media accounts for news on this partnership and check out their website for the latest product and team news.

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