Micro Magic

Micro Magic

It’s been an amazing Summer and Autumn – and Micro Scooters have been with us the whole way. They’ve helped us with our Scooter Camps (that in case you’re counting, saw 197 kids from 19 countries clocking up 162 skatepark visits with 23 pro riders!) and our Scooter School (where we’ve worked with many 1000’s of children at 100’s of school and council-run events!). There’s been so many incredible moments – just take a look at some of the great photos below from teaching lessons, demos, jams, camps and fun days – and we’re even more excited by all the plans for 2015. Thanks!!

scooter camp group 2014 week 6s

scooter camp week 2 014a


scooter camp week 2 terminal

group scoot

group shot wk 1

supreme shop

Contest Pizes

Tech Deck NASS 2

Scooter Camp

Competition boys

Camp Bus 2

Contest crew

Micro Scooter School 4

Micro Setup

Micro Scooter School 8

Micro Scooter School 5

Micro Scooter School 2

Micro Scooter School 3

Micro Setup2

Micro Scooter School 7

Micro Scooter School 6

Micro Scoooter School 1

Micro Helmets and Pads


Skate School TD Helmet 2

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