Nationwide Scooter School

Nationwide Scooter School

We are the biggest and most active provider of scooter lessons and demo’s in the country and through primary and secondary schools, county council projects and special events, have taught thousands of boys and girls of all ages and abilities, to learn to scooter. Our team of regional instructors travel on a daily basis to whoever wants to learn, bringing all the equipment you will need.

First Aid trained, fully insured and with CRB checks – they promote healthy lifestyles and positive mental attitudes in children – in a fun and safe environment. They are as passionate about teaching as they are about scootering and our experience has led us to work with companies such as BSkyB (on their Living for Sports project), the BBC (on their Blast Tour) and the Duke of Edinburgh Award to name just a few – in addition to our riders providing demo’s for skatepark openings, product launches and competitions – the most recent being for Nintendo (and the launch of their new Wii Skate game).

We can tailor any day to meet your needs – whatever you are after: whether it be introducing scootering into your school, holding a special sports day event or helping launch a new skatepark – please get in contact and we can provide a quote based upon all your requirements.

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What makes Rubicon unique is that we travel to you. Whether its your school, your local skate park, your sports club or your special event – we come to you and bring everything you’ll need with us.

Our instructors will bring with them scooters, helmets and pads for all the children involved in the class (and this is included in the price). Depending on the ability of the class, the lesson structure and venue they can also bring with them ramps, rails and other indoor training products.

Health & Safety
The safety and enjoyment of the children is our number one priority – so as mentioned above: helmets, knee, elbow and wrist pads are all provided. Our instructors are extremely experienced and would therefore not allow anyone to attempt anything they felt was dangerous. A number of the instructors also have First Aid qualifications and all are our staff can help with providing risk assessments for venues and the activities in question.

Insurance and CRB
For complete peace of mind and confidence, you’ll be happy to hear that Team Rubicon has full third party (public liability) insurance of £5 million, so we are covered for both teaching, demonstrations and competition events. All our staff are CRB checked.

Class Size
A single instructor can have up to 20 pupils in a class. This is not only for the safety of the children but it also allows for enough time to be spent in one to one coaching. Bigger groups can easily be catered for by including additional instructors or splitting the group into different time slots.

Time and Place
Our instructors operate all over the country. We work with primary and secondary schools, county councils, youth groups, sports organisations and companies. We are able to provide lessons in the morning, afternoon or evening to suit your timetable – although weekends are generally kept free.

Venue Requirements & Wet Weather Alternatives
We will need a hard surface outdoor area – something like a tennis court or playground. If it is wet, we can not be outside. This is for health and safety reasons, and insurance requirements. We can teach indoors, but you will need to consider the type of flooring. Some wooden or varnished floors are not all suitable.

Length of Lesson
As an absolute minimum we recommend 45 minute lessons. This will give us time to show the participants all the basic and key fundamental skills they will need to know. And we generally provide lessons in 3 or 6 hour blocks. So for example we could provide a half day session of 3 x 1 hour lessons for different classes. A full day can really allow us to see up to 160 children – perhaps the whole school – as the time could be split into 4 x 45 minute sessions in the morning and 4 x 45 minute sessions in the afternoon. The participants may also need to be aware that we can’t move them on to harder or more technical skills until they have mastered a safe understanding of the basics. This is for their safety, and as with any sport but particularly skateboarding, the basics may not come quickly.

How Many Lessons
Whilst one-off lessons or “taster” sessions can work well, the vast majority of schools and people we work with fix up regular week slots through out the term time or holidays. Everyone has their own learning curve and as with most sports it is the often best to approach with a months and years attitude, rather than days and weeks. As such a regular timeslot gives the children the best opportunity to progress and enjoy themselves.

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