The Oxford Times reports on our “four wheeled acrobatics”

In the second week of March, one of the schools we visited was Marcham Primary School near Abingdon. As part of Sports Week, we gave skateboard lessons throughout the day to all the year groups, about 150 children in total. We were also joined by a reporter from The Oxford Times newspaper who was really impressed by not just the teaching but also the confidence it gave the children and how everyone supported each other. He got some great quotes from a few of the kids too for the full newspaper story:

“The instructor is really good. You are able to be with a friend you can trust and be able to show your tricks and have fun.” – Edward Porter, 11

“You get to learn a lot about how to ride a skateboard and learn more tricks.” – Ryan Belcher, 11

Another amazing day and well done to all the kids involved. Top stuff.

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