Every Single Hand Went Up

Every Single Hand Went Up

We love action sports and we love teaching – and we consider ourselves very lucky to be doing what we love – so we take great pride in what we do – and its awesome when we get amazing feedback that the kids loved it as much as we do! Last week Pete was working at St.Mary’s CE Primary School in West Sussex and here is what the organiser David had to say:

st marys horshamJust wanted to write to say a huge ‘thank you’ for the brilliant day we had skateboarding last Wednesday….every single child, without fail, said how much they had enjoyed the experience! When asked, ‘Who’s going to ask for a skateboard for their birthday?’ at the end of each session, every single hand went up!! Indeed, I’ve had one or two parents come up to me after the day and complain (jokingly, I hasten to add!) that all their child can talk about is how long it is to their birthday and how long it is therefore to wait for a new skateboard!!

The sessions achieved everything, and more, of what we had hoped they would, making it much easier to say in class that if they can get on a skateboard and make it turn, then they can certainly have a go at the Maths in front of them! My Headteacher came out to have a look at one of the sessions and was impressed by what the children were doing, and with the way Pete encouraged and motivated the children. Please thank him for all his efforts – he made it very easy for the children to achieve success.

Do you by any chance run after-school clubs, with kit, etc?? My Head is always on the lookout for something different for the children to do after school…! All the best. David

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