Rocket and Bullet sponsor the Skate School

Rocket and Bullet sponsor the Skate School

bullet safety gear blackrocket skateboards newTeam Rubicon is proud to announce that we have joined forces with Rocket Skateboards and Bullet Safety Gear – through Shiner Distribution. The Skate School has often used Rocket completes aswell as Bullet helmets and pads – so we are stoked that this partnership will help us to keep rolling out quality equipment to all our instructors – so that kids nationwide can continue to learn skateboarding in a fun and safe environment.

Just like Rubicon – Rocket and Bullet are all about supporting the grassroots skate scene – and making sure that all you young rippers out there have got the best kit beneath your feet and on your head to bring out your best riding and keep you safe. Keep an eye out for some tasty photos of all the new kit – as the new teaching season kicks off heavily throughout February and March.

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