A great shop to buy your first skateboard or scooter from

A great shop to buy your first skateboard or scooter from

SKATEBOARD-BEGINNER-BUNDLEWe often get asked by children and parents where they should go to buy their first skateboard or scooter – and we point them towards their local skater-owned shop – as its important to not only support your local scene – but also these guys always have the knowledge to help and advise you face to face, as to what’s best for you.

For those that don’t have a local shop though, then we highly recommend Winch Skate Shop. This is an online shop which specialises in providing high quality products for children looking to enter action sports. They have helpful staff who will answer any questions you have – and best of all they offer skateboard and scooter packages – which means you get a skateboard (or scooter), helmet and pads – all for a special reduced price. Brilliant. And if that wasn’t enough they also do free UK delivery!

Go check them out.

Remember it’s a good idea to buy a real skateboard or scooter brand – not just to pick up something cheap from your local supermarket or general retailer – as the quality is often far less.

If you’re a school, council or organisation looking to buy large quantities of product for your children or community, then please get in touch with us – as we are able to source bulk purchases directly from all the best brands at discounted prices.

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