Camp Rubicon Review 2018

Camp Rubicon Review 2018

For over a decade Camp Rubicon have been running residential action sports camps during the school holidays and every year see’s hundreds of children from all over the UK and Europe join us, as we spend week after week visiting the countrys top skateparks alongside the best pro riders. It’s an incredible experience and 2018 has been no exception with the Easter skate camps already picking up some rave reviews:

Dear Geoff, Liam, Zach, Cam and Harry,

Thank you all so very much for giving Jacob such a fantastic week at Skate camp. He has loved every minute and has spoken so highly and fondly of you all. Thank you all so much for all your immense hard work making the week work so well and for making it such an amazingly fun time. Jacob says he has learnt so many tricks and is desperate to get back out skateboarding at some new parks – he is particularly keen to check out Winchester with Oli and Sam sometime soon! He has also been singing alot of songs that he says he learnt driving in Liam’s car, which has been very amusing!! He left us as a 12 year old and has definitely returned as a teenager! Having a bit of independence and freedom away from siblings and parents seems to have made him grow up and boosted his confidence generally, not just in terms of skateboarding. I think he is a bit sad to be back home after such a brilliant week!

He says he is keen to come again and to meet up with all of his new found friends, so I am sure we will be back in contact again soon.

I do hope you all get a little bit of well earned rest before the next camp begins again.

Thank you all so much again,

Best wishes,

Lucy – Jacob’s mum

Thanks Lucy! And a huge shout out to all the kids from the Easter camps and in fact to all the kids who have ever been on our camps. It’s you guys and girls that make it all so amazing and such an awesome job for us. See you soon. Camp Rubicon

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