Every class enjoyed their session at St Josephs

Every class enjoyed their session at St Josephs

We’ve had a busy January but already received loads of great feedback. On the 19th we visited St Josephs in Exmouth and provided both skateboard and scooter sessions to the school. It was huge fun and all the children did great and were really supportive of one another.

The organiser Amanda had this to say:

We had the best of days at school when Liam came to do skateboard/Scooter workshop. Every class enjoyed their session with Liam. Each session was age and skill appropriate, Liam’s manner was professional and engaging. It was a pleasure to have him at school that day, he just had such empathy with both children and staff.

One child, who he spotted as a natural, came to share that with me. So I asked her when she was due a birthday so she could ask for a skateboard. Her birthday had been the previous day and when I enquired if she had received any money for her birthday she responded with a wide grin, and declared that she could buy a skateboard!!!

We all want to book to have you back again. You cheered up a long January day!

We can’t wait to go back too and here are a few photos from the day and you can find more on their school blog here.

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