Introducing Our Awesome New Sponsor: HEXBUG

Introducing Our Awesome New Sponsor: HEXBUG

It was only a few months ago that we got to watch Tony Hawk and all the Birdhouse team at NASS Festival, so we’re super excited to now announce that Team Rubicon has joined forces with HEXBUG and their Tony Hawk® Circuit Boards™!! We are now their exclusive action sports school and camp partner in the UK and will be representing the Tony Hawk® Circuit Boards™ brand and product line at all the school, council and corporate events we are involved with nationwide.

The new line of motorized remote control skateboards is definitely a giant leap in innovation for the traditional sport of fingerboarding. You can choose between two ways to play: traditional fingerboard style or slap on the power axle and take off with the remote control, turning on the turbo boost for accelerated ramp action! Build the ultimate skatepark and grind the rails, pull off a rock to fakie, or master your own series of gnarly tricks with your favourite Birdhouse deck.

“Circuit Boards is the coolest technology I’ve seen in skateboard toys,” said Tony Hawk. “I knew we made something special when my kids wouldn’t stop playing with them on the first day.”

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