Introducing Scootability ™ (Press Release)

Introducing Scootability ™ (Press Release)

This month Team Rubicon launched Scootability ™ – a scooter training scheme available nationwide.

Following in the success of the Bikeability scheme and the Micro Scoot Safe scheme, Team Rubicon recognises the growing popularity of scootering and will be providing coaching to tens of thousands of boys and girls each year through schools, councils and other organisations.

The programme has been designed as an introduction to scootering and to improve the safety of young people as they learn. There are three Scootability levels which aim to support the rider and give them confidence as they progress from learning the basic balance, turning and pushing skills through to using their scooter for the school run or in public spaces like skateparks.

Senior instructor Liam McKee said “with over a million young people scooting to school as part of the school run, Scootability has been designed to improve awareness around road safety. This includes effective stopping, taking blind corners, crossing roads and sharing pavements with members of the public.”

Professional instructors will travel to whoever wants to learn and bring Micro Scooters for everyone to use. DBS checked and fully insured, each session usually lasts around an hour and can cater for up to 30 children. Classes will receive a group certificate and schools can receive a digital badge to share online.

“Scootering is one of the fastest growing sports right now and is a great way to promote healthy active lifestyles which is important to the physical and mental development of children. It’s a lot of fun and popular with boys and girls of all ages and abilities” said instructor Sam Young.

Indeed praise for Team Rubicon’s scooter coaching has been coming in fast and regular with Jordans School in Buckinghamshire saying:
“The sessions were brilliant! You explained all the safety aspects so well to the children and ensured they were listening and safe at all times, at the same time as making sure they had great fun! It was brilliant to see all children included and having a go: fitting in perfectly with our Growth Mindset ethos at school. The less experienced children looked so proud of themselves, and the more experienced loved learning new skills and were encouraged to help others. What a fantastic day we had!”

Watchfield School in Wiltshire saying:
“I just wanted to pass on the positive feedback that I have heard from both the staff and children of Watchfield School. They loved the scooter sessions and said that it was presented to the children brilliantly. The children came back from the sessions buzzing with enthusiasm and excitement! We are all also very grateful that you have been so flexible and accommodating.”

And finally Banstead School in Surrey said:
“The sessions were a huge success. The teachers were particularly impressed with your instructor who spoke so well to the children and understood their needs so well. Thank you! We will be booking for next year.”

Scootability Co-ordinator Geoff Else said “Over 150,000 children have already received coaching from us in the last decade and the launch of the Scootability scheme highlights our commitment to helping the sport grow further at this exciting time. We’ll be investing in more coaches throughout the year and with the support of sponsors like Micro Scooters, we look forward to helping a new generation of riders.”

Contact: Geoff Else
Phone: 0845 519 83 98

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