“It was difficult but I kept trying”

“It was difficult but I kept trying”

We had a brilliant day at Uplands Infant School recently where the whole of Year 1 got to try skateboarding. Their attitude, determination and teamworking was brilliant and an absolute pleasure to see.

The organiser had this to say: “We had a fabulous day! Teachers were really impressed with Sam’s behaviour management, knowledge and safety management when working with the children.”

Here are just a few of the things the children had to say: Zainab “It was difficult but I kept trying”, Nayab “It was difficult jumping on the skateboard but then it was better when Hujaymah helped me”, Aamina “I fell down but I had another go.”.

You can see lots of photos and further feedback on their website blog here.

Thanks for having us. See you again soon.

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