“Thanks for inspiring our students”

“Thanks for inspiring our students”

Last week we hosted one of our favourite sessions of the Summer so far at The Barlow RC High School, Manchester. The children (and staff) were all brilliant and really supported each other as they took on the challenge of learning to skateboard. The school newsletter says it all:

“This month 125 students got the chance to experience the thrills of skateboarding for the first time. A professional coach Liam Mckee from Team Rubicon rolled into school to host 5 exhilarating sessions that saw frightened lambs turn into confident tricksters. The sport of skateboarding becomes a full time Olympic Sport in 2020, so you never know what started out as a taster session could grow into a passion for life. Our thanks go Liam and Team Rubicon for inspiring our students to believe in themselves and overcome their fears.”

WOW! Thanks for having us and we’ll see you again soon.

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